How to Cut Grass without a Lawn Mower

Lawnmowers have seen rising popularity over the past few decades for various reasons. They are highly efficient since they can cut lawn grass over a large area of grass in a few minutes.

The other best thing about lawn mowers is that you do not always have to push them; some can propel themselves over a big lawn by themselves, thus saving you the energy and time.

However, lawnmowers can sometimes be a burden especially if you have a small lawn where a gas or electric big lawnmower would be hard to maneuver. And because they are always huge and bulky, lawnmowers can sometimes be bothersome if you do not have enough storage space.

Bearing in mind the amount of ozone gas they send into our atmosphere, some people prefer to cut their lawn grass manually using handheld equipment.

The use of some of this equipment is quite cumbersome and very inefficient but at the end of the day, they are useful methods if you have the wellbeing of the environment at heart.

How to Cut Grass Without a Lawn Mower

Here are crazy but sure ways of cutting grass without a mower

1. Scissors

The use of scissors in cutting your lawn grass is only meant for the people looking to kill time through some weird form of meditation. The process of cutting lawn grass with the use of scissors is very ineffective because you are going to cut a very small area of grass for a very long period of time.

To do this, hold a very sharp pair of scissors parallel to the grass and close as you move forward cutting the grass. It is going to take you some considerable amount of time to cut the grass but kneeling and the amount of concentration needed to do this is good therapy. 

2. Sickle

A sickle is a harvesting device mainly used for harvesting grass and weed crops. It takes the shape of a long sharp blade that cuts across grass or wheat as you move forward whirling the device. Unlike scissors, a pair of the sickle is more effective since it will cut through a larger area of the lawn for a short period. 

3. Scythe

This device has a long handle with a bent sharp edge, and you may have seen this in the possession of the character of the Grim Reaper. The edge must be sharp with the goal for it to cut grass.

An individual clutches the handles and swipes at the grass with a smooth, bending movement. It requires some investment to ace the utilization of the sickle; however, it is a compelling technique for clearing tall grass from a field or yard.

4. Shears

If you have some ideal opportunity to execute, shears might be a possibility for cutting, however just if you have a little yard. Shears are similar to enormous scissors, however, even with longer cutting edges; it will in any case require significant time investment.

The workmanship in utilizing shears originates from having the option to hold the sharp edges level, so the grass will be even.

5. String trimmers

String trimmers also know as weed eaters are incredible tools for cutting tall weeds and grass in your backyard. They come in variety of types including electric, battery powered and gas powered.

What happens if you don’t mow your lawn?

It takes much time and effort to grow tall lush green lawn grass. At some point, you feel so proud of your efforts and you may be tempted to keep your tall lush green grass.

What you may not be aware of is the fact living with a thick tall lush green grass in your lawn can be detrimental to it, the same way as not caring for it at all.

Allowing lawn grass grow so tall works the same as encouraging weeds and mosses to grow with your permission. Tall grass blocks sunlight from reaching the base of the lawn, and this ends up killing the grass.

And because lawn weeds are opportunists, they overgrow the lawn grass and by the time you realize it, the weeds have already overtaken the lawn. 

Another major issue with letting your lawn grass grow so tall is the difficulty of mowing when you decide to do so. Taller grass blades are stronger and tougher to cut either by hand and by a lawnmower, than shorter and softer lawn grass blades.

For this reason, you should normalize cutting your grass when the need arises and not when you feel like. And even as you do so, always to follow the one third thumb rule. 

Letting your lawn grass grow very tall means you cannot use the grass clippings produced during mowing. Grass clippings from a very tall lawn could mat together and smother the grass, something that prevents sunlight from reaching the base of the lawn and this ends up killing the grass.

Mowing often produces shorter and healthy grass clippings that are used to enrich the lawn soils when they give water and nitrogen back to the lawn soil. The clippings could also be used for mulching the lawn grass during the hot summer days. 

How do you mow a small lawn?

Mowing a small lawn can sometimes be hectic especially if you are using a gas or electric-powered drive lawnmower. This is contributed by the fact that you have to maneuver some obstacles like rocks, trees, and structural installations like manholes amongst many other things.

In this case, a push lawn mower is the best; this is easy to maneuver and is smaller and thus does not take up lots of storage space.

To mow a small lawn, first, remove all the obstacles standing in your way to avoid damaging the lawnmower. You do not want some rocks coming into contact with the lawnmower blades and end up being thrown into your face. You could end up in hospital nursing serious bodily injuries, something that you do not want. 

While some people opt to collect and dispose of the clippings, I strongly advise on leaving them on the lawn. These contain water and essential nutrients like nitrogen that enriches the soil for the proper growth of the grass. You can discard the grass clippings only if the grass was too long or was previously treated with fertilizer or weed killer. 

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